Blockchain Marketing


A company’s  strategy establishes the foundations on which the organization can create, monitor and measure success. From creating new business opportunities, to streamlining the operations and engaging staff, a well-formulated strategy will enable increased growth and productivity.

What we do:

Over the years, we have driven and participated in many strategy processes. We have realized, that strategy needs to be tangible in order to work. Therefore, we have developed an approach to support and help companies to move ahead by discovering their real ambitions and giving it true substance. We guide the process and support in execution of the strategy so the company can consistently improve its performance.


Strategy & Consulting

We help to craft the right strategies for company set-ups, vision and mission, positioning, go-to-market, staying ahead of the market, business plans (short-, medium-, long-term. We are skilled in trusted tools, have great visions and enter with an objective perspective, combined with our 25years+ management experience.

Media Management

To draft a proper strategy including the goals and specifying targets makes all the difference when leveraging the media budget. Paid-, Earned- and Owned Media need to harmonize in an orchestrated way. We make sure that money flows into the right channels and spendings are permanently optimized to generate the highest ROI, while the right word of mouth is covered in the right media and organic traffic is generated to the maximum. Influencers can be found in our network and acquired with the right connections.

Branding & Design

Establishing, building and keeping a brand at its desired place, a strategy and its consistent execution is key. We have strategically set-up and guided many branding projects in different industries, for different brands over time throughout our careers. It is exciting and demands a lot of structured, long-term and creative thinking and is each time a great challenge to take on. In executing the developed strategies, we support the process until the (re)launch and work with awarded designers of different disciplines (web/app, logo/CI, industrial) within our network. When developing a brand/design strategy with you, we will take care of your Brand and Marketing Audits, Consumer Research, check your Target Segmentation, prepare Company/Brand Positioning and create briefings for Campaigns.

Social Media & Content Management

Social Media Channels impact the companies brand perception significantly. You need to craft a proper strategy on which channels to use, what topics/messages to give, which target group to select, what timeframe to be placed, which messages to push and monitor the results to start the communication cycle again. This is making all the difference between random Social Media Accounts and being effective communication channels for your brand and company. To handle Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Discord, etc. in a business sense requires accurate content planning and management. We have learned from the best and work with the best.

Market growth

As companies try to reach out and spread content to their different stakeholders, it is critical learning to work with your target audience. Today’s technology offers amazingly useful tools to promote products and services directly and very efficiently.  We help to find, set-up and use the right ones in the most (cost-) effective manner. This involves collecting, analysing and using the right data, optimizing workflows, utilizing social media channels as the right marketing weapon, stretching Google to its limits and many other powerful tricks. We especially focus on digital campaigning, SEO and SEM.

Blockchain Marketing Plans

Blockchain Marketing

One Size fits all doesn’t reflect our approach when it comes to solving your business challenges with you.

We have designed special packages to help you and your brand getting the
(re-)shape that is necessary to reach the right, defined audience.

Take a look, if the below packages meet your requirements, or touch base with us for an individual solution.

Gain Insights

Brand and Marketing Audit
Competitive Brand Analysis
Analysis of existing Marketing Activities/Strategy
Analysis Social Media/Digital Channels 
SWOT Analysis

from € 2.000,-

Get Ready for your Market

Get Ready for your Market

Get Ready for your Market

Consumer Insights
Consumer Research
Target Segmentation
Target Consumers Description / the “Ideal Customer”
Company/Brand Positioning and Strategy
Story, Brand Pyramid, Brand Personality, Brand Promise, Strategic Priorities, Key Initiatives, Topline Goals
Development Creative Brief
Action Brief
Communication Channels
Content & Marketing Plans to reach out to right Community 

from € 6.000,-/month
estimated duration: 2 month

Stay Ahead in the Market

Revisit Company Brand Positioning and Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Focus Areas
Communication Channels
Milestone Plan
Execution Plan
Communication Channels
Community Management, Content Planning, Leveraging Network Effects, Ambassador Management
Social Media Channel Management / SEO /SEM / Digital Campaigning

from € 3.500,-
(depending on exact needs)

Get it Done

Depending on your own marketing resources, we deliver turn key marketing, essential for growing your business.

We step in as your business needs it, as advisors or also take on marketing executive roles.

Customized: can be a mixture of equity and cash. Our Standard Hourly Rate:  € 200,-/hour

SEO Package

Get Ready for your Market

Get Ready for your Market

Status Analysis
SEO Activities Catalogue
SEO Implementation
Content Creation/Publishing
Link Building (external sources)
Crosslink Content with Social Media
Select relevant Keywords
Add Keywords in Product Descriptions

from € 1.000,-/month

Social Media Package

Social Media Management of 2-3 Channels
Create monthly Content Plan
Execute Posts
Create & Execute Campaigns

from € 1.500,-/month